4 Alternative Nights Out In London

It’s not hard to find something to do in London at night. The city is full of great bars, restaurants, and clubs, all of which together make up a terrific nightlife. Because of this however almost all of the recommendations you see for a night out in London concern the top-rated clubs, the most famous Read More

When in London: 7 Quintessential British Things to Do in the Capital

Earlier this year, Totally Driven explored some of the best places for new adventures in the UK. While these locations included fascinating and beautiful sites like the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall and the city-wide urban gallery of Bristol, there is still no place like the capital. London has no shortage of interesting sites and activities. Read More

Ultimate Four-day weekend – Easter

Easter is all about new life and new hope. This year it’s not a usual Easter to procrastinate next day of working. It’s really a looooooooong weekend to spend this Easter following a bank holiday. So, now is the perfect time to plan your long Easter weekend. The best part of Easter is Family Lunch, Read More

Claridges Hotel – An Extension to Buckingham Palace

  INTRODUCTION London is the home of many luxury hotels and offers excellent accommodation for travellers. Be it leisure or business, you have a place to stay in London. One such grand hotels serving people since 1812 is the Claridges Hotel in Mayfair, Central London. HISTORY The current building of the hotel was once only Read More

Hilton Hotels – Travel Should Take You Places

Hilton Hotels and Resorts – the most standard name in the industry was founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. The chain with over 530 hotels in 76 countries across six continents from Rome to Omaha started with a single hotel. Mr. Hilton’s dream was to change the amount of square feet he had and build Read More