Tips for Solo Women Travellers to London

London is a welcoming tourist destination for different types of travellers.  All of its bustling airports constantly see the inflow of business travellers, families and more recently, solo women travellers.

Over the years, the number of solo women travellers has seen an upward trend. Besides being economical, solo travelling also gives a sense of independence, builds self confidence and occasionally can be holistic in nature.

However travelling solo for women may not seem as simple as it sounds. Hence it is advised to have photocopies of passports, id’s and travel insurance handy. It is also important to have emergency contact number that can be given to your loved ones when the visiting a country and always ensure that your mobile phone is constantly fully charged.

Listed below are some of the tips that let women make the best out of a London trip.

  1. It is always good to travel light with luggage that is with either shoulder straps or rollers.
  2. The unpredictable weather of London is an excuse to shop for classy coats, pretty scarves or rain boots and of course an umbrella.
  3. Invest in London pass for a free entry into many of London’s top attractions.
  4. Go on day trips to nearby locations and tourist spots and witness glimpses of English countryside while you are getting there.

It is equally important to follow adequate safety measures while travelling solo.  For inter city transfers and trips to nearby areas, reliable licensed London taxis are considered the safest option. They can be availed right outside the terminals and offer comfortable transfers to preferred destination. For transfers to the airport, passengers are picked up right from door step in vehicles that are spacious with the capacity to accommodate luggage. Taxis are also the preferred choices for early morning flights that call for early check in. Drivers are familiar with major city areas and also can act as cost free guides for passengers on their solo visit to London.