Things to Know on Your First Business Trip to London

The first business trip overseas can be a challenge. It throws you out of your comfort zone and expects you to be your best self in an unfamiliar environment. The tips below can help handle this situation with more composure.

Pack all that you need

No matter how organised you are there will always be some last minute need, when you travel. Ensure you have packed all the important documents, business attire, gadgets like tablets, laptops along with the charger and conversion pins. Emergency contact numbers and the address of your accommodation and office must be carried in the hand baggage.

Sort out the visa and ticket requirements

In most cases, the organisation you work for takes care of the tickets and the related visa process. However it is recommended to take an active part in planning the itinerary along with the HR department. This helps you to set appointments and plan the travel with due consideration to your personal limitations.

Learn the etiquette

Every country has its own business etiquette and culture and London is no exception. Talk to friends who have travelled earlier to London for business trips or research online to learn about the general rules of business practised in London. For instance, Londoners hold punctuality as a top concern while doing business. If you are running late for a meeting, inform the other attendees beforehand.

Book your airport pickup and accommodation

The transport situation in London can be very critical given the weather and the traffic congestions. Book London taxi to Heathrow or any other international airport in the country to make sure you arrive promptly for all business meetings. Booking an accommodation closer to your work place also helps you save a lot of time. Schedule your airport pickup with a reliable minicab service so that you do not lose time or end up stranded in the airport in case of flight delays or unfavourable weather.

Money matters

Lastly, check with your bank regarding the terms of use for credit cards in international locations. Talk to your organisation about the procedures for currency conversion and make sure you are financially prepared to travel to another country.