Benefits of Using Taxis for a Family or Group Transfer Instead Of Oyster or Travel card

London is home to an extensive public transport network as well as reliable private taxi service providers. While travelling in London using public transport, one needs to purchase the pay as you go smartcards called Oyster cards or Travel cards in order to make service payment. While these cards cost passengers lesser than paying in cash in trains and buses, they fail to emerge as a strong point that promotes the use of public transport. People travelling as a part of a large family or in group transfer prefer taxis to public transport for more than one reason.

Every individual travelling in London using public transport must hold an oyster card. There are no card options for families or for couples. This means that every traveller must hold a card and make the necessary payments wherever he goes. Most travellers in London believe the system of prepaid cards is rather confusing and demands much time to wrap your head around.

When you are travelling as a large group it makes much economic sense to use taxi services. A monetary comparison of both options for larger families clearly proves that taxis turn out to be cheaper than public transport. For instance if you are a family of 6 members and travelling from Heathrow to Central London, you can hire a 6 seater taxi London from any terminal and reach your destination on time. On the other hand if you wish to travel using oyster cards, you will be subjected to long queues and the discomfort of public transport. Comprehending this system of cards and choosing the best card option for your family may also be a difficult task. Taxis can be booked with return journeys at discounted price. Thus taxis offer several benefits such as ease of travel, comfort and lower prices than using oyster cards for public transport.