Things to Know When You Visit London for the First Time


People visiting London for the first time are often overwhelmed by it magnificence. It is a beautiful city of rich culture, profound history and pristine landscapes and thus never fails to create a deep impact on its visitors. Listed here are the top five things that tourists must be aware of to make their maiden holiday in London, a pleasant one.

Weather in London is unpredictable

No one can really predict the mood swings of London weather. Showers and sun light take alternative chances to surprise Londoners. Therefore while visiting London; travellers must be prepared to combat the weather by all means. Umbrellas, jackets as well as a sturdy pair of shoes should find their place in the travel kit at all times.

Caution must be practiced while using public transport

In London, travellers can use trains, buses and tube to commute from one place to another. Oyster cards must be purchased to use the public transport network in London. Cheap private hire transfer in London is also available throughout the day. While London is generally considered as a safe place, travellers are recommended to stay extra cautious while using the public transport system. Tourists must ensure that all belongings are held in safety throughout the trip.

Take advantage of the free attractions

London has a number of museums and art galleries that offer free entry. Tourists can gain a great insight into the British legacy through these museums. Ensure you allocate sufficient time to visit these places and learn more about the greatest architects, artists and sculptors in the world.

Try the local delicacies

London is always big on food. The English love simple, homemade food that appeals to the senses instantly. When you are in London for the first time, do not hesitate to explore the smaller food joints along quaint alleys and street corners. The local produce is amazingly fresh and several small restaurants offer a great range of delicacies made from the fresh local produce.

Carry your travel documents safely and always

Passport and Visa documents must be carried along always. No matter if it is a short stroll down the road or a day trip to the nearby city; these documents are essential and must be produced in case of any emergency.