Tips for Travelling to London

The beautiful capital city by the river is often rated as one of the top most tourist attractions in the world. To squeeze out the best of your holiday in London, here are a few tips that might help come in handy.

Packing Tips

You do not want to end paying extra pounds to your airlines for a king size luggage. Therefore pack wisely. Pick clothes depending upon the season you are travelling in London. London is infamous for its erratic weather. Be prepared with a compact umbrella, walking boots and a leather jacket. Do not pack more than 2 pairs of shoes and make it easier by mixing and matching your items. Streamline storage of essentials like keys, contact information, important documents and jewellery.

Safety Tips

London is generally considered a safe city but travellers are recommended to stay alert and take certain sensible precautions. Do not visit secluded areas late in the night. Keep your belongings such as cash, passport and credit cards with you all the time and do not leave them back in your hotel while you are sightseeing. Extra caution must be practised on public transport and in no circumstance must an unlicensed minicab be hired. Tech savvy tourists can make use of the iPhone mobile app called Be Safe, which offers useful information about all the danger zones in the neighbourhood.

Money Saving Tips

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But the good news is that it offers a number of interesting alternatives that are cheaper and in some cases free. For instance, history lovers in London can feast their eyes through famous museums that are 100% charge-free. Walking tours cost you less than the ones on the hop-on/hop-off buses. Therefore it is recommended to carefully choose activities that fit your budget. When it comes to food, take advantage of the happy hours and the unbelievably cheap yet scrumptious street food. If you are travelling as a large group, London taxis are recommended. While using public transport, buy an oyster card to save a good amount on your travel expense.

London can be slightly overwhelming with its magnificence and grandiose. With these simple tips in place, your holiday in London can be etched to perfection