Cheapest Way to Travel Around London

London is always beaming with people and fun events. When you are in London, there is least chance of retiring to boredom. The museums, parks, amusement centres, renowned monuments and art galleries are found across the city and attract tourists of all kinds. One of the major decisions that tourists face during their holiday in London is choosing the cheapest way to travel around.

London has an extensive public transport network which practically connects every part of the city with ease. However erratic weather, unavailability during public holidays and frequent maintenance works make public transport less convenient than private hire London taxis and minicabs.

Superficially private transport may seem to be expensive and unaffordable. But an in depth analysis reveals that taxis are cheapest and yet the most comfortable way to travel around London. For instance, let us consider a family of five travelling from Heathrow to their accommodation in Covent Garden. The family is on their first vacation in UK and have to decide the cheapest way to travel to their hotel. When the family decides to book a minicab with return journey, they can avail the service for only 41 pounds for one way. On the other hand if the family decides to choose Underground tube, they will end up paying 6 pounds in cash for each person to reach Covent Garden Station after which they can avail a bus to the particular hotel. This will not cost them less than 2 pounds per person. Thus the total expense adds to almost 40 pounds. Passengers must remember that they are trading luxury, comfort and safety for only a difference of one pound.

This analysis can be applied to almost every scenario while travelling in London. Taxis make high economic sense while travelling as a large group. Additionally taxis offer special discounts and seasonal offers. Comfort and reliability offered by private transport cannot be matched by any other mode of travel in the capital city.