The coastal town of Harwich is located 90 miles away from London.  The town is a small old military settlement that is popular among tourists for its architectural heritage. Some of the famous buildings of the town are The Trinity House offices, The Parish Church of St. Nicholas and the Pier Hotel. The medieval architecture of the town adds to its unique appearance and flavour.  The town does not have many options for food and entertainment however most inhabitants believe the town is most suited for business and work.

If you are travelling from Harwich to Central London or vice versa you have a few options to explore. Harwich is one of the three cruise ports that serve London. However it is the smallest of its kind and does not offer frequent services to London. Taxis in Harwich are the easiest way of getting around the town. The most common mode of public transport used from Harwich to London is the train. Trains run on an hourly basis from Harwich station to London’s Liverpool station every day. However this is not a direct service and passengers are required to change lines at Manningtree station. There are a few direct services during the peak hours but in both cases the journey takes more than 90 minutes. If you are staying far from Liverpool station or would like to connect to Heathrow or Gatwick you will have to find another service from Central London to take you to your destination. Harwich is not connected directly to any international airport in London. Private coaches are available between the town, Central London, and Heathrow.

To avoid this tedium caused by public transport, it is better to hire a taxi or a minicab from Harwich to Central London. Harwich Taxis take less than 120 minutes to reach Central London and the journey is smooth, comfortable and hassle free. Totally Driven Harwich taxis are swift, comfortable and reliable at all times.