London’s first pollution free, electric powered mini cabs have started the work on the streets of London. The first fleet of green taxis comes four years ahead of the deadline mentioned by Mayor Boris Johnson. The Mayor said last year that there should be all new minicabs to create no emission from 1st January 2018.

Chinese firm BYD came out with 20 electric minicabs and this new e6 model is one of the green initiatives implemented by the Mayor Boris. Charging points to charge these electric taxis are provided by British Gas. The e6 model is a five seat vehicle with lithium-ion batteries and 75kW motor.

The fleet of 50 new vehicles will be out soon and is expected to work along with the first set of fleet on the London streets. Chinese manufacturer BYD has provided 20 electric taxis in less than two months after the capital got its first fully electric buses. The minicab company Green Tomato Cars signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BYD to take a large order. London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the fleet of 22,000 diesel black cabs to be replaced with new electric vehicles.