Planning your holiday much ahead is essential to keep up with your travel plans. One of the most important steps towards planning a long trip is booking your air tickets in advance. Logistics form the major bulk of your budget and availing cheap airline tickets can reduce the monetary pressure to a great extent. The conventional way to obtain air tickets was to visit a single airline office of your choice and book your ticket.  However today there are so many tools available in the market that lets you compare and contrast the prices of different airlines at different time periods and choose what suits you best.

Travel aggregator sites are the best source of information one can access. They provide information about all available airlines to your destination and for a time period of at least 1 month. Close observation of the prices can let you make a pattern about which day of the week and which month is the best to travel. Weekends and public holidays are generally the most expensive days as airlines are well aware that this is the most convenient time for travelling. Some websites lets travelers to submit queries regarding any changes in routes or for general enquiries. Another trick that can help you save some bucks is booking your onward and backward journey with separate airlines. Some of the famous travel websites are, and

Passengers can also visit the website of the specific website and book their airline tickets. This would be the case when you are particular about which airlines to travel with. Some airlines let you register your details while booking your airline tickets through their website. This database will help you add points each time you book your flight with that particular airline. While your first trip may not be eligible for any discounts your consecutive trip will be.

Local travel agents are another great option to avail cheap airline tickets. While all other online options can give you a broader picture, travel agents would be crisp to the point but can be trusted. They would give you the best option as it would be the best tactic to retain you as their customer for ever.