Christmas is one of the very special events of the year and is celebrated in an enthusiastic manner throughout London.  People spend every Christmas vacation in different ways such as travelling for long destinations, shopping in London, dinner with family, Christmas markets and fairs, exhibitions, grottos, visit to attractions and lots more. Most of the places including bus stations, train stations and other public areas are crowded at peak times every year. So, it is best to know the public transport updates in and around London. Here are some tips on how to travel during the Christmas season.

  • Start early from your place to escape the crowd.
  • It is advisable to contact the transportation department or browse online to know the frequency, timings and other details of the public transport before you start your travel.
  • Avoid travelling with kids on public transports during peak hours.
  • Timely journey is the most important when you are planning for some event, meetings, ceremony or any other. In such scenarios, avoid taking risks and arrange for some alternate such as taxis, cabs or hire a vehicle.
  • Make sure you are leaving as early as possible if you are travelling to airports. Also it is safe to pre book a taxi in the case of airport transfers. Taxi services are also busy during Christmas, especially from 24th December to 2nd January. So it is safe to book well in advance.
  • One of the most important things is to try not to carry too many bags when you travel by trains, tubes, coaches and buses.
  • Tourists’ arrival in London is usually high during Christmas and most of them prefer taxis to public transport to avoid the crowd. On the other hand they may be a little confused on how to travel on public transport.