Travelling to Europe is like a dream come true for most foreigners. It is the continent with the most varied culture and heritage. With the help availing only one type of visa you can fly to a dozen countries and have the most enriching experience of your life. The continent proudly houses some of the world’s most famous attractions such as The Eiffel Tower, The London Tower Bridge, The Colosseum and Westminster Abbey. Every country is different and has something unique to offer to its visitors. It attracts millions of tourists every year from across the globe and during all seasons. However Europe is also stated as one of the most expensive places for tourists. Choosing the best time to fly to Europe is the first step towards planning your trip. This can be followed by carefully budgeting for airfare, accommodation, meals, transportation and sightseeing to retain your peace of mind and help you to enjoy your trip more.

Summers are the best time to visit Europe and at the same time the most expensive season for tourism. High airfares and accommodation prices, crowded shopping centres and long queues at museums and art galleries are commonplace during summer.  However this is the time of year where Europe offers a great assortment of festivals and events.

The weather during summer is apt to walk along the roads of the beautiful countryside, indulge in a series of outdoor events like swimming, cycling, bird watching and kayaking and shop to your heart’s content. One of the most important tips for travelling to Europe is planning your trip for early summer when the crowd would be lesser than the following months and early planning can also help you avail the best options in terms of accommodation and airfare. If budget is not a constraint then summer is undoubtedly the best season to catch the best of Europe.

Some people visit Europe to witness the display of lights and colour during the Christmas season. Christmas is Europe’s most special celebration and tourists flood to the shopping areas to avail the special offers and sales during the Boxing Day. December again can be very crowded and the snow might not favour your sightseeing activities.  Winter is the cheapest time to travel to Europe. Spring in Europe is pleasant with weather nicer than winter and fewer crowds than in summer. Some people consider spring the ideal season to visit this multi cultural continent.

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