London is the world’s favourite holiday spot. It is known for its cultural heritage as well as its contemporary advancements in innovation and technology. HintHunt is an innovative game opened to the public recently.  The game is believed to improve one’s focus through unique fun and offer an amusing way to achieve one’s high in a challenging environment.

Looking for an ultimate 60 minutes filled with adventure and thrill? HintHunt is the game to play. You do not have to be Sherlock Homes to play this mystery game. A simple mind with team spirit is enough to make the game enjoyable. Located in the heart of Central London close to Euston and St.Pancras station, HintHunt is also called the Escape game.

The premise has three separate rooms and each room can accommodate up to 15 people at a time. One room is called the Zen room and it holds an advanced puzzle solving game. The other two identical rooms are called John Monroe’s office.  The game is played by groups of 5 to 6 people who solve a series of wretched puzzles to find their way out these three rooms.

The game is frequented by friends, family, corporate groups and students.  The game is a new way of spending some quality time with family. It helps you exercise your brain and people of all ages can enjoy it. For corporate groups and students it is considered as a way of building your team bonding skills and the creativity associated with the game is sure to bring in a lot of positivity and euphoria. Every person who has visited the game claims it to be the fastest one hour of their life.

Booking for larger groups can be done through their website. The minimum age limit to play the game is 9 years when accompanied by parents or 15 years if alone. The game can even be played by a two member team however the recommended team size is 5 to 6 members. The game is a strict 60 minutes session and participants are expected to solve the mystery with this given time. Ticket prices start from 17 pounds per person and may vary depending on the timing and season.