Standing tall at 30 St. Mary Axe is one of London most prestigious icons the Gherkin, formerly known as the Swiss Re Building.  Soaring tall at a height of 180 meters and 41 floors, the building was built in the year 2004. The building is home to an extraordinary living space and exclusive lounge with a world class restaurant and bar. The building is ideal for prestigious corporate meetings and has been used as a wedding venue and product launches.

The Gherkin has critically acclaimed architecture and was designed by the world renowned architect Lord Norman Foster. The tower’s top dome also called the lens of the building offers beautiful 360 degree views of the city. This part of the tower was designed as an open space to provide uninterrupted awe inspiring views of the city.  Except for the top, all parts of the tower are covered by completely flat double glazed glass panes. The space between the glazes is ventilated to reduce the energy use and control temperature. Each floor of the tower has been adjusted by five degrees with respect to the floor below.

The building has several credentials to its environment friendly features. The design of the building maximises daylight penetration thus increasing natural light and ventilation for its guests. This in turn reduces the use of energy levels by lowering the consumption of light used in the building. In addition to this the wind pressure differentials assist in natural ventilation and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The building has won several accolades including the Emporis Skycraper Award, Detail Special Steel award and International Highrise award for its innovative architecture and top class construction. In 2005, it was voted the most admired building in the world.

Searcy, an event promotion organisation manages the restaurant and lounge in the 38th floor of the building. While they are open to the guests during the day time, they can be hired for private dining during the evenings. The Gherkin also has five huge private dining rooms available for hire. This bullet shaped building is located at the heart of the city amidst a wide range of restaurants, bars and public transport network.