The wait for the royal baby to arrive has finally ended. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday at 4.25 PM at the St. Mary’s Hospital. While Kate and her husband are thrilled about their new found bundle of joy, Prince Charles and wife Camilla have expressed their excitement about stepping into grandparenthood. Prince Charles was quoted saying “Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone’s life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future”.

The remarkable fact about the birth is that the baby was born in the same wing where Princess Diana had delivered Prince William and Prince Harry in the early 1980s. The entire country is commemorating the arrival of the royal heir who is yet to be named. An information bulletin confirming details about the birth has been placed outside the Buckingham Palace and is open for public viewing.

After about 10 hours of labour the news was finally announced to the huge crowd of well wishers gathered around the hospital. Important people from across the country have expressed their happiness for the couple. The Prime Minister, David Cameron has conveyed his wishes to the couple and has acknowledged the arrival of the baby as a proud moment of the nation.  The Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, the Welsch First Minister, Carwyn Jones and the Archbishop of Canterbury have joined the world in blessing the couple and congratulating them for the great news.

The birth of a direct heir to the British Throne has happened after 30 years making it all the more special. The young prince will take over one of the oldest hereditary thrones in the world. As he grows he would be obligated to face several challenges such as public scrutiny, criticism, monarchical responsibility and yet a life of respect and privilege. Let us for now wish the young one good luck!!