The New Century Global Centre is the largest building in the world and is located in the Tianfu a new area of Chengdu, China. This construction is 500 metres long and 400 metres wide with 1.7 million square metres of floor space which has made it the ‘world’s biggest building by floor space’. This world’s largest stand alone structure is facing the new contemporary arts centre designed by eminent British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid.

This idyllic structure features a grand playhouse with a capacity of 2000, an IMAX  Cinema, a Concert hall, a International Conference Centre, Showroom, Contemporary art Gallery, the World’s largest LED, an extensive lobby, over 500 metres River rafting, 2 five star hotels, Central Business tower and 5000 square metres faux beach.

The water park can accommodate 6000 people at a time and this massive beach has seaside resorts, sands and artificial waves. The two five star hotels have 1000 rooms each and the video screen is 500 feet wide.

The New Century Global Centre can accommodate 20 Sydney Opera Houses and is as large as 329 football stadiums. The Contemporary art gallery is 30,000 square metres and international conference centre is 10,000 square metres. This majestic structure has a glass barrel-vaulted roof that allows sunshine and is designed using a Japanese technique.

The theatre and concert hall can accommodate 1000 people each and the Lobby is 10,000 square metres and 65 metres tall. The New Century Global Centre is facilitated with 244 escalators and has 15,000 parking spaces.