London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and is also the third busiest in the world. It has two parallel runways and 5 terminals.

Terminal 1 handles all domestic flights, some European flights and long haul destinations. 22 airlines operate from terminal 1.

Terminal 2 was Heathrow’s first terminal and 30 airlines operate from this terminal.

Terminal 3 handles 26 airlines and Terminal 4 is home to 37 airlines including Air India, Delta and KLM.

Terminal 5 is the newest terminal at Heathrow and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 14th march 2008. It was opened to passengers on 27th march 2008 and can handle 30 million passengers annually. Terminal 5 is used by British Airways and lberia.

The main building in Terminal 5 is the largest free standing building in the UK. Terminal 5 complex has many buildings, a railway station and a control tower. The main building is referred to as 5A and there are two satellite buildings – 5B and 5C. Passengers are transferred between T5A, T5B and T5C by an underground automated People mover, which can accommodate 6,800 passengers per hour.

Baggage Inquiries, foreign exchange, Communication Facilities, Cash Facilities, Information Points, Medical Care, Toilets and Showers and Worship Places are available at Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Excess Baggage Company will look after your luggage at the rate of £8 per 24 hours and you can also contact Bagport for your Lost Property. The Multi faith prayer rooms are available in Terminal 5 and you can contact the information desk to reach your worship room. There are many ATM machines available in Terminal 5 and most of the cash dispensers accept major credit cards and cards from UK banks. You can also enjoy a worthy shopping experience in Terminal 5 with Book Stores, Retail Shops, Fashion and Accessories and lots more.