Greater London is among the most beautiful as well as occurring cities on the planet. Travellers across the globe visit here to explore their natural beauty and the attractions. If you are planning to go to London this holiday, ensure that you book London taxis in advance. Taxis work as a significant link in the London’s transport network.

London Taxis are generally classified into two types:

Black cabs: No fixed price and pick anywhere at any time.

Mini cabs: Fixed price and pick passenger only at pre-booking.

Black Cabs:

Black cabs of Greater London are very well-known across the world for offering outstanding taxi services. Even though, they are generally called Black taxis, only a few are in black colour. The modern cabs can be found in numerous types of colours along with advertisements printed throughout.

If you wish to hire this, simply wait on the sidewalk and raise your hand in to the air to stop him. When the black cab driver sees you, he’ll stop beside you.

The drivers of black cabs are extremely trustworthy because they need to go through the most tough knowledge examination before receiving the license.

Mini Cabs:

Mini cabs make an excellent alternative to the traditional black cabs. Basically, the title “mini” is incorrect as they are larger than the traditional black taxis possessing a seating capacity of five to eight people. Even though, they are less expensive compared to black taxis.

Mini cab drivers are professional and PCO licensed, and they have good knowledge of each and every areas and post codes.

Therefore, if you are in London, acquire the assistance of these cabs for making your journey comfy as well as stress free.