No wonder London is a unique place for it is classified as the most-visited city in the world, taking into consideration the international arrivals. London has grown in almost all segments to evolve into a complete city with nothing much left out. That is more than probably what would make it the most-visited city in the world today. It might come as a surprise that there are 300 languages spoken within the borders of this culturally rich city. The city of London indeed needs a better introduction.

There are must see spots in London which are sure to live in your memory a long time after your visit. The Tower of London would easily be one of the must see places for it is a historic castle lined finely along the river Thames. The castle gives a majestic view with its four walled building and the city’s flag flying high in pride. It is indeed a great pleasure to view this historic monument and maybe catch a few photo shots of the whole site. The Palace of Westminster is another must see hotspot for it is where the Royals of the city have been meeting ever since the early thirteenth century. The Palace of Westminster is designated as the World Heritage site and it serves as the meeting place for the two political parties of the United Kingdom.

By this time if you wanted to experience a little solace during your holiday trip then just behind the background of the Westminster palace is St. Margaret’s Church. The Church is an old building and has been rebuilt on several occasions both the interiors and the exteriors since the early times. The Church has a historical significance in this city as some well known people such as John Sutton and others have been buried here. The church has served as the wedding occasion of Sir Winston Churchill and many other interesting events of history that you can get to know upon your visit to this site.

Have you ever wondered where the name Greenwich Mean Time came into existence? The district of Greenwich is located towards the south-east of London and is well known for its maritime events. The town is a popular resort and many a palace and ancient houses are built in this region which will surely add that spark and life to your holiday.