London is home to plenty of tourist attractions. It’s an art and architectural paradise with over 1000’s of years of royal history.

British Museum
The British Museum is one of London’s historical museums housing over 7 million objects including a wide range of arts, antiques, scripts, textbooks and objects from all over the globe. It was built in 1753 in Bloomsbury and reveals human art, nature and history. The museum currently includes the Natural History Museum and the library in separate buildings. There are 10 different departments with 8 levels in the three floored building. The museum is open on all days and visitors can relax I the cafes and restaurant.

Covent Garden
Covent Garden is one of London’s historic markets well known for its fruit, vegetable and flower market for more than 300 years. It is a lively place with its modern and traditional feel and the bustling life. The Bow Street, Covent Garden Square, Covent Garden Market, Theatre Royal and London Transport Museum are some of the special highlights of Covent Garden. Covent Garden is the only area in London licensed for outdoor entertainment. It is also home to London’s oldest Theatre, Theatre Royal. Shopping opportunities is excellent with a number of shops known for different activities.

Harrods is UK’s largest and historic departmental store located in Knightsbridge. Harrods has over 300 departments handling more than 7 million customers every year. It’s a 7 floored building and is an exclusive shopping store that has developed all through the years since its initial opening of a small shop in 1824. With each floor special for specific categories and cafes and other eateries to relax, spending time at Harrods is a good experience. 5000+ Staffs are employed and hence shopping at Harrods gives you a lasting experience.

London Eye
The London Eye also called the Millennium Wheel s a giant Ferris wheel standing 135 metres above the ground. Located on the south bank of The Thames, it is an excellent tourist attraction attracting over 3.5 million tourists every year. It is UK’s most popular paid tourist attraction and was opened to the Public in 2000. The Wheel has 32 air conditioned capsules each holding a maximum of 25 people and one complete revolution takes 30 minutes. Although it was built was a temporary celebratory monument and tourist site, it is an iconic landmark and symbol of the English Capital.

Buckingham Palace and Queen’s Gallery
Buckingham Palace is located in Westminster and is the London residence of the British Monarch. Constructed in the early years of the 18th century, it is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions attracting about 50,000 visitors every year. Visitors are allowed to take have a look at all personal accessories like gowns, jewels and other furnishings. The west wing of the Palace has the state rooms that are open to visitors in the month of August and September. The Queen’s Gallery has all collections owned by Britain including famous paintings, artworks and different works. The Royal Mews has the Golden State Coach and horses.

London attractions offer more than just tourism. It’s a lasting experience to be in London…