London is the home of many luxury hotels and offers excellent accommodation for travellers. Be it leisure or business, you have a place to stay in London. One such grand hotels serving people since 1812 is the Claridges Hotel in Mayfair, Central London.


The current building of the hotel was once only just a terraced building at the corner of Brook Street and Davies Street. The hotel building was expanded by connecting the neighbouring houses. Started as Mivart’s Hotel, this hotel was renamed “Mivart’s at Claridge’s” when the owner of the hotel sold the hotel to the next door hotel owners Mr and Mrs Claridge. After some period of time, the hotel was run under the current name “Claridge’s”.

In 1894, the hotel was purchased by The Savoy Group and to modernise and create new facilities, the old building was pulled down and replaced with a new building. The hotel was rejuvenation and reopened in 1898.

The hotel flourished after the First World War as the demand for space was high among the aristocrats; they didn’t have any London house for stay. In the 1920s, the hotel was extended to meet the demands of the customers, following that many famous personalities have visited and it has become the preferred place of stay with many artists, actors and entertainers.

Quinlan Private purchased The Savoy Group in 2005 and the hotel group was renamed Maybourne Hotel Group. In 2007, a new water menu was introduced in the hotel in which bottled waters from different sources were available. This took up the fame of the hotel and there was a global reach.


Claridges has 203 rooms and suites. The entertainment facilities and toiletries in the rooms and suites are posh and well equipped with all necessary amenities. The rooms have an elegant and rich look and travellers find that more comfortable. The breakfast, dinner, cocktails and all dining options are in traditional and contemporary styles. The afternoon tea is world-famous. The hotel has an airy gym and treatment rooms are found with all luxury. Beauty treatments are offered and fitness facilities are available at the customers’ comfort. The hotel is an excellent host for business and social events and offers all facilities. Romantic ceremonies and wedding nights are special at this hotel. You can get any service with elegance in Claridges.

Many famous and world’s greatest people have stepped into Claridges. All feel that their stay at the hotel is an unforgettable experience.