Hilton Hotels and Resorts – the most standard name in the industry was founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. The chain with over 530 hotels in 76 countries across six continents from Rome to Omaha started with a single hotel. Mr. Hilton’s dream was to change the amount of square feet he had and build hotels.With a strong determination to grow in the industry, he established the first hotel of the Hilton chain in Cisco, Texas.

“Take me to the Hilton” was the phrase coined by Mr. Hilton to see his company grow as a global leader in world class accommodations and services. The Hilton has taken place the world’s most stylish and forward thinking service provider in its 90 years of service since 1981. Today, it is considered as an ideal place to inaugurate, end up with a deal, host for special occasions and any kind of celebration and relaxation.

The global presence of The Hilton is because of its hospitality. It is the first hotel in the world to install televisions in guest rooms. The company also takes pride as the first in the industry to earn LEED and Green Seal environmental certifications. Multi-hotel reservation system, concept of franchising hotels, airport hotels and a U.S. coast-to-coast hotel chain are the other prides the company takes in its firsts.

Hilton’s spirit of hospitality is shared by millions of members worldwide. The global culture and the brand’s specialty supports travellers from all corners of the world. Hilton’s service doesn’t end with accommodation. Meetings, conferences, leisure and special occasions are that little bit more special when they are at the Hilton! You will truly have highly sophisticated, environment-friendly and most importantly… relaxed moments, at the Hilton.