Free Entertainment in London
London is a global cultural showcase offering lots and lots for entertainment. Check here some of the free entertainment in the city.

Barbican Centre

Barbican Centre is one of the highly visited cultural sites hosting different music concerts, film screenings, theatre performances and exhibitions. The Centre is open on all days and different shows take place throughout the building.

The Centre has halls and spaces for Orchestra, art galleries, theatres and cinema screens, trade exhibitions and conferences. The Centre also houses restaurants to offer good varieties to taste. When you get a chance to enjoy shows in a famous cultural site for free, it is a blessing.

Comedy Cafe

Comedy cafe is one of London’s excellent comedy clubs offering good entertainment for customers. Customers dine in individual tables and enjoy the show in the evening. Night shows are much more interesting with bars with pub prices, fancy music and dancing and delicious food. On all Wednesdays night shows are free and those nights are generally called ‘New Act Nights’.

Covent Garden Market and Piazza

In the Piazza of Covent Garden Market, free street entertainment along with dance, music and many shows are performed. The market is full as many magic and music shows entertain people a lot. Also, many concerts and ballets are brought to people in big screens for free. It is great to be at the Piazza.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square is a square in London bounded by Trafalgar Square in the north, Piccadilly Circus in the east, Covent Garden in the west and Cambridge Circus in the south. Most of London’s film premiers take place here. Premiers happen regularly and people crowd here to see their favorite stars and their outfits. Any show or event starts by 7 o’ clock in the night. But, make sure you are there at least 2 hours early to enjoy the stunning night.

Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre is Europe’s largest centre for arts. Over three million people visit the Centre every year as the three buildings in the centre offer a great variety of entertainment. The Centre includes the Royal Festival Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and The Hayward art gallery. Highly renowned classic and world music events and art exhibitions take place here. Free events, concerts, music, dance and theatre shows take place in the Purcell room and Queen Elizabeth Hall and in Lunch free concerts take place in the Royal Festival Hall.

Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral is London’s oldest gothic church with varied history housing monuments to Edmund Shakespeare and dramatists John Fletcher and Philip Massinger. Between 1.10 PM and 1.50 PM, a wide range of concerts and exhibitions are offered for free. Choir services take place regularly and the cathedral is open in day time for visitors.

Speakers’ Corner

People from all walks of life assemble here on Sundays to listen to speeches of different people. All personalities and public use this spot to express their opinions on different subjects. The corner is busy throughout the week with speakers. Karl Marx, Lenin and many famous people have taken this Corner to bring out their ideas to people. It looks like a street theatre as speakers with different ideas and views present their speech.

St Martin-in-the-Fields

St Martin-in-the-Field is one of London’s historic churches located in Trafalgar Square. The church has an art gallery, shopping centre for gifts and market. Cafe in the Crypt is an eatery that offers lots to taste. Candelit concerts take place between Thursday and Saturday regularly and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, free lunchtime recitals take place and visitors enjoy that.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is located at the center of London and serves as an excellent tourist attraction. It is the centre for free outdoor events in summer. Music, dance and theatre make the square very busy. The Square hosts London’s multicultural and music. Charity matches and celebrations make things lively in the Square. For traditional marches, this is the end point and marks as a symbol for the British culture.

TV and Radio Recordings

Free tickets are available for most of the recording of iconic British shows in Televisions. With just an online signup to websites and then applying for shows available, you can enjoy the recording. Check out BBC and other websites to find what is next for recording.

When free entertainment is available throughout the city, why miss it? Enjoy your days with family and friends by visiting destinations that offer great entertainment.