Only a week left for the most awaited celebration of the year- London Christmas 2010. Keep your eyes and ears open to enjoy this Christmas Day in London.
The spirit of Christmas is spread throughout London streets starting from the mid November. A wide range of Christmas shows, music concerts, dance shows, fully decorated Christmas trees, spectacular events and parties and lots more are offered for Christmas celebrations in London.

Regent Street dazzles with Christmas lights. This street attracts thousands of shoppers offering them a perfect shopping experience under the Christmas lighting. Regent Street, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube stations are the nearest stations.

Covent Garden has the most eye-catching Christmas trees in London. 50 thousand lights in white and red are switched on. It looks beautiful. Roasted chestnuts, warm mulled wine, gingerbread, Christmas cakes, homemade chocolates and much more suit people’s tastes and are available throughout the festive season. Entertainment programs and live shows pull in more people to Covent Garden. Covent Garden is the nearest tube station.

Oxford Street attracts people from all over the world for it has one of the most famous Christmas light displays in London. Live Carol singers and live music, the festive cheer keeps the Street alive. A wide variety of over 300 shops are available for shoppers. St. Pancras, Victoria and Paddington are the closest train stations and Tottenham Court Rd, Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Bond St are the nearest tube stations.

Carnaby Street is special for Christmas 2010 as it enters its 50th year as one of the most fashionable Streets of London with Santas, satellites, planets and plenty of festive and lively fun. A series of giant inflatable globes are very special this year. The decorations with stars, sputniks, santas with space suits, fish bowl space helmets and much more. The message in the inflated globe “Carnaby Welcomes The World” gets reflected in the mirror hanged high above the street. Oxford Circus is the nearest tube station.

Trafalgar Square builds the spirit of the Christmas season in a traditional style. It brings the 64th tree from the City of Oslo and the festivities attract people. Hundreds of white lights dazzle making the entire square a picture of beauty. Charring Cross tube station is the closest tube station.

All streets are excellent centers for festival shopping with shops of all types. Shopping in London during the Christmas season can be a wonderful experience. You can shop anytime at your convenience by hiring taxis for your travel. Private Hire taxis are available 24/7 to and from all locations in London and the United Kingdom.

The effervescent show of decorations and events throughout London make it a perfect destination for Christmas. Visit all streets and enjoy your Christmas vacation. Merry Christmas!!!