Christmas is the most celebrated season in London. Uniqueness becomes true when you see, the entire city completely lit up dazzling with lights, people busy shopping, and party halls hosting Christmas parties decorating. Food! Glorious food, different menus planned, and of course gifts! It’s always good to give a little at Christmas.
Christmas lights, parties, shopping, food and lots of celebrations cheer people and keep them busy throughout Christmastime.

Christmas Lights:
Christmas Lighting in London is famous all over the world. From mid- November, the entire city is lit up by colorful lights everywhere, streets, homes and shops alike. London dazzles with lights till January 5th and the lighting ceremony in different locations tends to be a special event. Lights are generally switched on by dignitaries or celebrities. Some of the most remarkable light displays are found in places like Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Bond Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Harrods to name a few.

Christmas Parties:
Christmas Parties form an essential part of the Christmas season. People organize parties for their friends and family or it may be the organization of a company Christmas party. There are plenty of party venues to suit all expectations, from quite romantic, to family friendly, to lavish and extravagant. London has them all. For instance, Grange St. Paul’s, Saddlers Hall, Tower of London, Club Ten, Leadenhall Market, Drapers Hall, One Moorgate Place, Stationers Hall, Inner Temple, Barbican Centre and these are just a few, there are of course many, many more.

Christmas Shopping:
It’s always good to give a little at Christmas. Shopping for gifts in London is an adventure on its own, you have at your disposal some of the world’s best Shopping Centers, the best markets old and new, some of the most famous shopping districts, Oxford Street, Bond Street, Harrods, Camden Market, Bond Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street and many more. You would be hard pressed to remember that it’s not you that your buying that gift for. So, whether it is a gift you’re looking for or whether it is some late Christmas shopping, London has plenty of shopping locations.

Christmas Food:
Food and meals during Christmas time can be varied.

It could be a meal in one of London’s many top class Restaurants, it could be at the Christmas party or it could be at home, the traditional family Christmas meal. Traditionally consisting of Turkey, sprouts, gravy and potatoes, with a good size portion of Christmas pudding with brandy custard followed with a short nap. I feel Christmassy already! Oh, and of course don’t forget what happens when you wake up after the nap, mulled wine and delicious mince pies.

Whatever your Christmas activity is this year, shopping, visiting friends or family, partying out or going for a meal, please pre plan for your transportation to avoid hassles during Christmastime, and remember Don’t Drink and Drive! If you need to get somewhere it would be safer, more comfortable and convenient if you travel in private taxis. Booking a private taxi is simple; services are offered 24/7.