Air Travel
Air Travel has become the need of the hour, it can however be demanding as well. When you travel overseas, make sure you pre-plan things so that you have a comfortable journey. The first thing you should be aware of is air tickets. Many airlines offer cheap fares and discounts online. You should check and find the best deals available. Choosing a non-stop flight (if possible) or an early morning flight would give you a good rest as well as the possibility of arriving on-time.

When you browse for flight tickets, if you do not fly in a non-stop single flight to your destination make sure to check if your connection makes sense. There is nothing worse than having time to kill in an airport. There is only so much duty free shopping you can do!

After you have booked tickets, start your preparations. Make a list and shop for all needed items, keep in mind luggage size and weight. When you travel with children, carry all essentials like medicine, baby products and play items with you.

If you can, travel light! It will minimize the stress and concern about lost luggage. Pack only things that you require in the flight in your hand baggage. Carry some books with you as it is the easiest way to pass time during an international travel, having said that most continental and international flights now have video backed seats that allow you to pass the time listening to music, watching films, or indeed playing computer games. In some new flights you can now access the internet, and your emails and on some even use your mobile phone to make or receive calls. But most of all have a good sleep a night before your flight. This in itself will play a big part in your comfort during the journey.

The most important thing in getting ready for an air travel is reaching the airport on time. Staying in one of the nearby airport hotels would be convenient to reach the airport and helps with preflight stress. That is sometimes not practical so when you need to reach on time, to allow you enough time for clearing airport formalities including immigration and customs. Hire a private hire taxi. It will help you to avoid any unseen problems on your way to the airport. Private taxis are fully Licensed and offer good services at economical prices. You could pre-book one and have a safe, relaxed and stress free journey.

London not only because it’s the capital city of the UK but also because it is a waypoint if you will between different continents, is also the base for a vast number of airlines and hence all London airports have all kind of amenities and good transportation facilities to serve travelers.

London Airports as like most of the cities in the UK have taxis lined up outside the terminal at the disposal of newly arrived passengers, but these hackney taxis tend to be more expensive than the pre-bookable private hire services aka minicabs, they are however different classes of these types of services in fact some of them verge on an executive chauffeur type of service and they are still cheaper!