Visit London to capture the awe-inspiring view of London’s busiest airport, Heathrow Airport. Owned and operated by BAA, the airport stands remarkable amongst all airports for maximum international passenger traffic. As it is the hub for BMI, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways, it is enhanced to offer comfort to passengers and increase commercialism worldwide.
More than 90 airlines land in the Heathrow Airport and the airport is connected to 170 global destinations by which over 70 million passengers start to and from the airport. The airport is an excellent blending of cultures, ethnicities and a lot more. Set up in 1946, the airport serves its passengers and employs thousands in operations and maintenance. Heathrow Airport is top of the list of new-fangled airports, but is always more utilitarian and hence holds the name as a classy airport with the incarnation of varied traditions and values depicting the glory of British people.

Heathrow Airport includes 5 terminals and 3 runways. Opened in 1968, Terminal 1 serves as home for all Heathrow’s domestic flights. About 19 airlines run from Terminal 1 transporting 25 million passengers every year. The terminal was redeveloped and redesigned in 2005. Terminal 2 is Heathrow’s oldest terminal opened in 1955, currently in reconstruction since 2009. With 30 airlines flying from the terminal, the passenger movement is about 8.5 million for a year. Modernization works are expected to end by 2014. Terminal 3 was opened in 1961 with main concern for long haul routes. It is the landing place for 35 airlines transporting over 15.5 million passengers every year. Terminal 4 was open for operation in 1986 and is connected to Terminals 1, 2 and 3. About 38 airlines use this terminal and it handles approximately 14.2 million passengers throughout the year. Terminal 5 was opened for transport of passengers in 2008 and is the newest terminal of Heathrow Airport.

With amenities over the expectations of passengers, people love to have an eye on the airport for the pleasing ambiance with shopping centers and play zones for kids. Lovers of art, architecture, design, fashion and all classes can get through the grandeur of the airport. And, to be quoted in special are Heathrow Airport Transfer facilities between airports and other places that offer people full comfort and luxury.