Lions and Tigers and Bears.. oh my!

Want to get up-close and personal with the animals this summer? Well, the wild is closer than you think at Woburn Safari Park! Here’s what you can see at Woburn right now..

Meet Peppa Pig

Do you… we mean, the kids, love Peppa Pig? Come and meet the piggy herself at the Mammoth Play Ark at Woburn Safari Park!

She will be making appearances on the 12th August at 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm 2.30pm and 3.30pm – make sure your phone is charged for the photo op!

It is no extra cost to see Peppa Pig and you can purchase a standard admission ticket. However, purchasing a special event ticket, will enable you access to everything at Woburn Safari Park and you will be handed a ticket for a time slot to meet Peppa Pig – we would recommend getting a slot as she is quite the “popular piggy”.

Awww, Baby Animals!

Since spring, Woburn Safari has welcomed an array of baby animals right the way across the park. Some of the babies/young animals you might spot include a large group of Eland antelope calves, six monkey babies, a Somali black headed lamb and two Lemur babies – Rakoto and Missy.

But the parks’ latest (and possibly even cutest) arrival, Winnie the female Californian sea-lion pup, completely steals the show! Her mother, Kira recently gave birth to her – exactly one year since she welcomed her first pup, Gus. You can visit the whole family at Sea Lion Beach and watch the pups get up to some real mischief together!

The Elephants will never forget your cuddles..

After chilling out at the beach with Kira and the kids, why not go and introduce yourself to the elephants? All summer long Woburn Safari Park are hosting daily meet and greets with the Asian elephants! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to meet Raja, Damini and their three year old elephant calf Tarli. She cannot wait to meet you!

Also every single day there will be different animal talks and demonstrations for you to watch and to learn more about the animals you have met throughout the day.

Elephant Appreciation Weekend

Talking about elephants, want to meet the whole herd? Every year the “Elephant Ambassadors” at Woburn Safari Park hold an annual Elephant Appreciation Weekend to help raise money for the International Elephant Foundation. But you will never guess who the Ambassadors are… the elephants themselves!

Chandrika, Yu Zin, Damini, Raja and adorable calf Tarli all invite you to the event on the 11-12th August and will be helping to raise awareness on the decline of their friends and family in the wild.


On selected dates from now until the end of August join the animals for a BBQ – courtesy of the catering team at the park. There will be a large bbq grill setup on the decking of the Safari Lodge, close to the Desert Springs and Otter Falls walk-through enclosures.

A delicious selection of locally sourced food will be available for you to try including burgers, chicken and sausages – don’t worry herbivores – there will also be vegetarian options available including side dishes like corn on the cob, salads and jacket potatoes.

You can buy an admission with BBQ ticket for only £35.99 per adult or £23.99 per child online here. Spaces are limited, and it’s on a first come, first served basis.

For dates and more information visit

Book a private transfer from Central London to Woburn at for a group of 4 or more from only £19.99 per person!

*Fares are approximate & will vary subject to the exact date, time and collection postal code.