London is one of the top tourism destinations in the world and also the capital city of England. The city has a fine transport system which includes Main line trains, Underground rails and buses. People make use of these transport systems for transfers in London based on their convenience. However, many prefer taxis or minicabs to travel and they also use taxis to reach railway stations.

People that are new to the city will not be familiar with routes and the transport system in London, so they generally prefer taxi services for a comfortable and safe journey. Taxi services are available to most of the stations in London.


Victoria, also known as London Victoria Station, located in Central London is the second busiest terminus in London. Gatwick Express serves passengers every 15 minutes from London Victoria to Gatwick airport and a tube train facility is also available. You can reach Victoria streets or London Victoria by hiring a taxi to Victoria.

Charing Cross:

Charing Cross is south of Central London and Charing Cross railway station which is also known as London Charing Cross and is the fifth busiest railway terminal in London. Charing Cross is the junction of Strand, Cockspur Street and white hall. You can travel in a taxi to Charing Cross to reach this station or other locations in Charing Cross.


Liverpool Street Station is located in Central London and this terminus has two main lines, one connected to Norwich and the other one to Cambridge. The Stansted Express connects Liverpool Street station and Stansted airport. The Liverpool Street Station has exits to Liverpool Street, Bishopsgate and to Broadgate. You can reach this station by a taxi to Liverpool.

London Euston:

The Euston Railway Station, also known as London Euston is the sixth busiest railway terminus in London and it is also connected to Euston tube station. London Euston also serves trains to Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester. You can reach the terminus by hiring a taxi to London Euston.

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