With increasing levels of stress at work and in our personal lives everyone has the desire to take a break from their every day routine. Travelling to a different place and enjoying the new ambience can be a good source of rejuvenation. However travelling takes a lot of your time and money. In order to save money for your journey you need to plan well ahead and sacrifice a bit to ensure you have enough funds to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Follow these simple yet effective steps to save enough money for your travel needs.

Working out a budget

Start with working out a travel plan. Choose a destination which is safe and where you have the advantage of having the stronger currency value. While booking your flights avoid weekend travel as that would be more expensive. Garner sufficient information about flight and hotel prices from more than one source and then finalize on your option. Travelling during the off season is also another economical trick that you can follow.

Start a travel account

Now that you have planned your trip you can arrive at an approximate amount that you would require for travelling. Start a separate travel saving account in your bank and let all the money you are saving go into this account. Include expenses related to shopping and also include a small buffer amount. Be religious about this account and do not touch this money for other purposes.

Take up a freelancing/part time job

An evening job can help you feed your piggy bank with a little extra money. Take up simple jobs like tutoring, writing a blog or do some overtime at your current work place. Another simple task that can help you earn some money is cleaning up your old wardrobe. If you have old clothes you are not wearing any more try to make some money by taking them to a resale shop. This also applies for your old shoes or similar accessories.

Purchasing at the right time

As you are saving money for travelling, use a portion of it to purchase the items you might need while travelling. If you want to buy a pair of skiis, the best time to buy them would be during summer when the prices have been marked down.

Minor changes to  your current lifestyle

It is important to sacrifice a little when you are trying to save money. Bring in a few changes to your lifestyle and you will see a huge difference in the amount of money you can save. Replace your Saturday night outs with a simple movie at home or visit your friends. If you are addicted to caffeine or tobacco cut down on the everyday intake. This not only helps your travel but also your well being. Cooking your own food and eating out less can also help you save money. Most importantly make sure all of the money you save from cutting these aspects out of your life goes into your travel account only.