2017 Wimbledon Tennis Lawn Championships

2017 Wimbledon Tennisxxx-Lawn-Championships

Andy Murray is the defending champion for the last season and he garners much love and support from his fans to grab the title this year as well. He is smart, elegant and his power shots are a pleasure to watch. Yet, there is also sad news for Serena Williams’ fans as she was the title winner for the year 2016 Women’s Championship and won’t be returning this year to play, due to her pregnancy. Her fans are not down and are expecting her to return with a bang in 2018.

The Wimbledon Championships are celebrated amongst many tennis fans, and this year they are waiting to watch each filled with the same excitement. Ticket bookings are already on, and many are planning their leaves to ensure none of the matches are missed out.

About Wimbledon:

Wimbledon is a Grand Slam Tennis tournament which takes place in London and this year marks the 131st edition of this sporting event. This tournament is organised and run by the International Tennis Federation and it consists of men’s (singles and doubles) and women’s (singles and doubles). Wimbledon comes under a major tennis tournament called Grand Slam, and it’s the third tournament after the Australian open and French open. According to the tournaments itinerary it usually happens in July.

Sporting Arena:

Wimbledon is one of the oldest tennis tournaments, attracting millions from all over the world. It is the best time to plan your vacation, enjoy a fortnight of super-duper tennis, watching your favourite players. This is the arena where normal tennis players grew into sporting legends. It is the place for blood, sweat and tears.

Accommodations and Travel Plan:

Book a stay near the stadium, so that you can avoid any traffic congestion issues. On the other hand, it could be a costly affair. Whilst there are several options for travel to the venue such as the London tube network, trams, minicabs and rail links, it is suggested to book private hire vehicles aka minicabs to get there.

Important Updates:

Take a note of the dates on your calendar and make no appointments in these weeks, starting from the 3rd of July and ending on the 16th of July 2017. People who are gearing up for the tournament can locate the venue in Google maps as All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Ticket rates start from around £25GBP for general admission and £190GBP for centre court seats on the finals day (16 July 2017).

The suggestions provided are purely subjective, and it is advised to pick a right one that is suitable for you. Get ready for tennis madness! Do sign up for newsletters to get updates about the tournament!

Things to do on Father’s Day in London – June 18th 2017

happy-fathers-dayIt’s that time of year again. Fathers provide financial assistance, help you study and stand beside you supporting you everyday in every way. He won’t complain or let you know of his problems all because he wants to give you the best life he can. He’s just like a root, firmly buried beneath the earth, supporting the fledgling new branches ready to bloom and bear fruit. It’s in a Dad’s dna to protect and provide.

He does all this for you, what do you do for him?

What did you do last Fathers day?

If you gave him more than a pair of socks and a card, well done! But if you didn’t, hmm it’s time to realise that without him you would not be here.

June the 18th is Father’s day this year and yes your Dad definitely deserves a treat.

Things to do for Father’s day this year

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition:

Start early with a surprise by travelling with him to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. There are over 12,000 pieces of art on display at the country’s premier art school. Giving an impressive show of contemporary art every summer and each year, a prominent sculpture greets its visitors to the exhibition over the courtyard. As they are open only on Friday`s and Saturday`s.

A Weekend Getaway:

Travelling out of town. Plan early and book a hotel somewhere near the coast or countryside. Brighton, Dover, Windsor, and Canterbury are all ideal choices. They are pretty economical and are an ideal place to enshrine memories for the years to come.

The Warner Bros Studio Tour:

A studio where the era of cartoon world was born and you could spend all day with the characters. Studio staffs are very helpful and will assist you ensuring you don’t miss anything at the studio. Located 20 miles to the north west of London accessible by frequent public and private transport routes. You can also get there in taxi from London making travel easy. It is generally advised to go early and get tickets as it can be busy. This will be a magical experience not just for your dad but the whole family.

The London Eye:

What could be better than you and your Dad on a giant ferris wheel, in the middle of London on the banks of the river Thames with a glass of champagne in your hands taking in the breathtaking views of this beautiful city. Check for discounts and packages in advance and you can if you want replace the champers with a more manly whisky.

Get a Gift:

People say that it’s the thought that counts. No matter what you get your Dad he will accept it with a smile, but I think your Dad does deserve a little thought to be put into a gift.

Nothing equals the happiness of giving him a hug, telling him you love him and if you want to go the whole way by making a point of letting him know that he is simply “The Best Dad in the World.’